Lords of Littleton

Aftermath of the Asmodean Knot
  • Soon after returning to their inn, the party hears rumors that the cast of The Sixfold Trial disappeared from the Gala after only a single meal. Nobody saw them leave, so the rumors are that they found a secret room in the Mayor’s palace that led to a dungeon.
  • Rumor also says that the same characters who disappeared from the party appear in their room hours afterward, laden with gold, weapons, and other treasure that they did not have before the Gala. Nobody knows what inn they were staying in, but Hellknights are searching the city for the thieves and are said to be closing on their trail.
  • The Mayor, embarrassed by the rumors, attempts to hire the Assassin’s Guild to kill the cast members. Unfortunately for him, when he goes to his lock box to pay the consultation fee, he finds that his hidden fortune has been stolen. The Guild, unhappy at the expense and wasted time that this fool of a mayor has cost them, “suggested” that he leave town. The last anybody saw of the Mayor, he was destitute and making his way out of town on a single dun colored horse. Hellknights are also rumored to be searching for him, as a recent audit of city finances reveals that tens of thousands worth of gold have gone missing over the past several months.
Experience and Treasure From Asmodean Knot

The party finds the following items during their expedition to the Asmodean Knot:

potion of lesser restoration
potion of remove disease
scroll of dispel magic
scroll of remove curse
wand of cure serious wounds (14 charges remaining after exit)
wand of restoration (9 charges remaining after exit)
5700 gp
750 pp
Longsword +1
+1 defending longsword
Handy Haversack
Pearl of Power (2nd level)
scroll of chill touch
scroll of command undead
scroll of ray of exhaustion
scroll of vampiric touch
scroll of false life
Drowned Jabe and His Miserable Brothers and Sisters (400 gp)
Masterwork full plate armor
Masterwork Halberd
Heavy repeating crossbow
mithral scimitar
rope of climbing
+1 cold iron battleaxe
wand of cure moderate wounds (33 charges)
ring of feather falling
minor crown of blasting
More books (830 gp total)
Ivory box worth 800 gp
golembane scarab
wand of rusting grasp

In addition, each character earns 4800 xp.

The Manor and the Knot
Descending into the Asmodean Knot
  • The characters sneak out of the grand gala and explore the Manor (Aberian’s Folly), finding a small horde of gold and platinum in a secret vault.
  • After exploring the rest of Aberian’s Folly without finding much of interest, the party finds a secret entrance into the attic.
  • Another secret entrance in the attic leads to a room with gray metal double doors. After touching the doors, the party finds themselves transported into a strange alternate reality on the other side of the doors. A recently deceased corpse contains a handy haversack with several minor magic items, as well as a cursed scroll with a Runecurse attached to it. The enterprising bard, with a strong knowledge of infernal, deciphers the scroll and realizes that by reading it he has accepted the curse onto himself.
  • After traveling a short distance in the Knot, the party is attacked by a pack of howlers, which are killed after a short but intense battle.
  • After regrouping from the howler attack, the party enters a strange room where gravity and reality don’t quite work, with a large never-ending pit in the middle. Ailanthus spots a secret door on the other side of the pit and the party makes their way to the door. The party opens the door to find a pair of black mirrors that are portals to the Plane of Shadow. As they are investigating the mirrors, a pair of shadows materialize through them and begin attacking the party. With the use of the gnomish cleric’s positive energy bursts and judicious use of curing spells, the party dispatches the shadows and begin to try to destroy the mirrors. They succeed, but not before 2 more shadows materialize and attack.
  • The members of the party must make a daring leap to land in a doorway 30 feet below them, in another room with abnormal gravity.
  • The party explores a prison, finding dessicated remains of long dead prisoners. In one of the cells the party sees a horned devil, long ago driven insane by loneliness and boredom. Wisely, the party decides to leave the devil alone. In another cell, the party finds a fighter (Corson Thornshadow) who was recently captured, and offer to free him if he will help them explore the Asmodean Knot. He happily agrees, and explains his own quest to find his family’s long lost Patent of Nobility, rumored to be somewhere in the Knot. In a happy twist of fate, Corson finds all of his equipment in an adjoining cell.
  • The party explores the Knot some more, finding a group of rooms intended to explore the nature of fear and phobias. They overcome their fears, and as a reward an imp grants them the answers to 6 questions.
  • After working their way through a convoluted series of circular pit rooms, the party enters a final hallway. The first door in the hallway leads nowhere, but the second door leads to a room full of junk and debris. As they are exploring this debris, a mummy steps out and attacks them. Corson, acting as a shield for the rest of the party, is hit and infected with mummy rot, but through great teamwork the party quickly dispatches the mummy. The cleric again comes to the rescue, removing the curse and disease from Corson.
  • When the party enters the next room, they are ambushed by a tiefling. Although a powerful warrior, the tiefling quickly falls to the combined might of the party. Unfortunately, after the tiefling is killed, the Runecurse from when the party first entered the Asmodean Knot is triggered, and a powerful Erinyes Devil materializes and begins a focused assault on Myzzix the bard. Fortunately, the cleric is able to provide enough healing for the Myzzix that Corson and the remainder of the party gradually wear down the devil and destroy it. The devil drops a slew of treasure that the party is happy to claim for themselves.
  • The final room in the Asmodean Knot has another encounter with a medium power Devil. After dispatching this final creature, the party finds an additional haul of treasure and weapons, as well as several documents revealing part of the characters’ past. All of the characters, with the exception of Myzzix the Bard, are originally from areas near the Elven veil in Barrowood. Corson Thornshadow finds his family’s lost Patents of Nobility, for the Barony of Littleton, located on the close outskirts of the Barrowood.
  • The party leaves the Knot through a magic portal which teleports them to the inn in which they have been staying. The party discusses the papers they have found, and decide to journey together to Littleton to try to explore more about their past.
Lords of Littleton
Hope from a land of hell and demons.

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