Lords of Littleton

Aftermath of the Asmodean Knot

  • Soon after returning to their inn, the party hears rumors that the cast of The Sixfold Trial disappeared from the Gala after only a single meal. Nobody saw them leave, so the rumors are that they found a secret room in the Mayor’s palace that led to a dungeon.
  • Rumor also says that the same characters who disappeared from the party appear in their room hours afterward, laden with gold, weapons, and other treasure that they did not have before the Gala. Nobody knows what inn they were staying in, but Hellknights are searching the city for the thieves and are said to be closing on their trail.
  • The Mayor, embarrassed by the rumors, attempts to hire the Assassin’s Guild to kill the cast members. Unfortunately for him, when he goes to his lock box to pay the consultation fee, he finds that his hidden fortune has been stolen. The Guild, unhappy at the expense and wasted time that this fool of a mayor has cost them, “suggested” that he leave town. The last anybody saw of the Mayor, he was destitute and making his way out of town on a single dun colored horse. Hellknights are also rumored to be searching for him, as a recent audit of city finances reveals that tens of thousands worth of gold have gone missing over the past several months.



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