Lords of Littleton

Experience and Treasure From Asmodean Knot

The party finds the following items during their expedition to the Asmodean Knot:

potion of lesser restoration
potion of remove disease
scroll of dispel magic
scroll of remove curse
wand of cure serious wounds (14 charges remaining after exit)
wand of restoration (9 charges remaining after exit)
5700 gp
750 pp
Longsword +1
+1 defending longsword
Handy Haversack
Pearl of Power (2nd level)
scroll of chill touch
scroll of command undead
scroll of ray of exhaustion
scroll of vampiric touch
scroll of false life
Drowned Jabe and His Miserable Brothers and Sisters (400 gp)
Masterwork full plate armor
Masterwork Halberd
Heavy repeating crossbow
mithral scimitar
rope of climbing
+1 cold iron battleaxe
wand of cure moderate wounds (33 charges)
ring of feather falling
minor crown of blasting
More books (830 gp total)
Ivory box worth 800 gp
golembane scarab
wand of rusting grasp

In addition, each character earns 4800 xp.



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