Ailanthus Nunnaihi

Half-elf Rogue


Str 16 +3
Dex 20 +5
Con 14 +2
Int 12 +1
Wis 12 +1
Cha 11 +0

AC 19
Touch 15
Flatfooted 14

HP 39

Fort 3
Refx 9
Will 2

Base Atk 3
CMD 21


Running towards the practice room of our home yelling “Father, come on it’s time to take me hunting. You promised” I slowed down as I noticed a strange look upon my father’s face as he looked out the Northern window “Father…..” Slightly tilting his head to the side and holding up a finger he said “Quiet and listen…..I hear the sounds of hooves approaching. They do not sound familiar.” And continued to stare to the north “I…..I hear nothing” I said as I stepped closer to him. With sudden clarity he turned to me with sadness in his eyes and said “There is much you do not understand or know yet. You are so young still and I had so much to teach you, it seems that is not to be. Come my child we cannot waste any more time, you must flee into the forest South of us and hide” As I watched him finish equipping his gear I realized my father was frightened by the slight shake in his hands. “No I cannot leave you here alone. I can fight. I can help you. I am ready.” I said showing him my gear confused by his mood. “No, you cannot help with this fight. They are stronger and wiser then you. I will buy you time. Do not waist my efforts” he said grabbing me and pushing me towards the door. Shocked by his actions I struggled “I said leave! They are almost here!” he yelled frustrated with my reluctance. Twisting in his arms and hugging him to me “Who comes” I asked. With tears in his eyes he said “The Hellnights” and pushed me out the door.

Coming awake with a start covered in sweat I realize that it is just the dream again which has been coming more and more of late. A memory I wished to forget. It was 8 years ago when I started to have them, when I first started to hear the rumors of a Ranger taken into custody, taken to some lost city called Ilvarandin in the drug dens of Egorian. Sure I had no reason to believe it was him after 2 years. No reason at all till someone mentioned the mark on his left shoulder. My father it seems had an encounter with an Elven magic user in his younger days and was left with a mark in the shape of what he called a Cooshee. Some kind of elven guard dog by his explanation. When asked why she chose that mark he would just answer “When the time is right you will know”. A mark that has just recently appeared on the small of my back, very painfully I might add. Was this information true? Could I actually hope he was still alive? These were questions I needed answers to. I started my search quickly coming to realize that I was ill equipped as a serving wench to accomplish what I needed. I headed to Westcrown hearing of a Rogue looking for an apprentice to study under him. What a challenge the old Rogue proved to be. It took me 3 years to get him to talk to me and another year to get him to agree to train me. I have stayed these last 4 years trying to learn all he could teach me so I could continue my quest and erase the image that haunted me of the Hellnight’s leading my father away in chains. That is….till now when I came home 3 days ago on the anniversary of my homes demise to find him dead with a silver dagger in the middle of his back. Are these episodes related or is it just coincidence? It was time for me to continue on my quest I thought as I yanked the dagger from his back wiping it clean on my pant leg. It was time for me to find my father and chase away the demons.

Ailanthus Nunnaihi

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