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Welcome to the Lords of Littleton wiki page. As we get started with the campaign, this page will be updated to include as much information about the campaign as possible.

Campaign world
The world of the Lords Of Litteton campaign is the standard world for Pathfinder (Golarion), with some modifications. These modifications will be detailed here as time permits.

The Barrowood lies nearly 300 miles to the north of Westcrown but still plays a significant part in the metropolis’s economy. The forest is a source of rare and valuable lumber, including barroak (used for ships) and shade maple (used for arcane implements). The Barrowood is the subject of a wide variety of myths and rumours, including one that claims the forest’s depths are home to a small elvish settlement.

What is known about the Barrowood is that people who venture too deeply beyond the periphery of the forest are rarely heard from or seen again. Those few who do eventually emerge from the forest after years or even decades missing, claim to have only been in the forest for a few days and are often driven to despair because of the changes in the world around them.

Lumberjacks and foresters who exploit the use of the Barrowood’s resources beyond a sustainable limit also have a tendency to disappear or sometimes are found dead from an apparent animal attack, depending on the severity of their exploitation. Those lumberjacks and foresters who take care to preserve the integrity of the forest, who replace felled trees with saplings so that the forest can sustain its boundaries or grow, often find that they are abnormally lucky. They will find massive barroak and shade maple trees that have recently been felled by a recent storm or lightning strike, and that just happen to lie in the middle of the patch of forest that they were going to work during that particular day. The size and quality of the trees that these fortunate few find are sufficient to provide work for weeks, and the finished product is of such high quality that the wood claims 4 or 5 times the normal market price.

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